Cost of living

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If work/life balance and the cost of living are the rationale for moving, then Waterford should be top of your list. The cost of living in Waterford is significantly lower than in Dublin.

According to as of November 2019:

You would need €3,604 in Waterford to maintain the same standard of life that costs €4900 in Dublin which takes into account Consumer Index, Rent Index and net earnings (after income tax). That is a difference of nearly 27%.

  • Rent in Waterford is 55.4% lower than Dublin.
  • Restaurant prices are 13.6% lower than Dublin.
  • Grocery prices are 9.26% lower than Dublin.


According to the 2019 rental report here are examples of housing costs comparisons as of Q1 2019.

  • Monthly Rent for One Bed Apartment Dublin City Centre = €1846
  • Monthly rent for One Bed Apartment Waterford City = €731
  • Monthly rent for Semi-Detached House Dublin = €2623
  • Monthly rent for Semi-Detached House Waterford City = €972

The information on this page was gathered from and the Rental report 2019 as of November 2019.

We've made a considerable effort to confirm that this information is accurate, but in some cases it may be incomplete or incorrect. The information on this page may not be current when you read it.